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The main objects for which this trust is established are:-

(A). A large number of domestic, story and diseased/uncared for animals need care and protection particularly in times of natural calamities such as cyclone, floods, droughts, famines, forest/village fires, earthquakes, landslides, heavy, snowfall, hailstorm, epidemics and any other unforeseen circumstances, such as rescue of animals from slaughterhouses and sacrifice through conventional/customary practices resulting in cruelty to animals. The infrastructure to meet such emergent and calamitous to prevent cruelty to animals is almost nonexistent in the country

The basic objective of the organization is to make available emergency services to animals in distress in the following situation:

(B). To lay the foundation of an incomparable, invaluable and precious treasury of ingenuity with an annotated description of various innovative topics inspires the impetus towards the development of the Lower strata of the people.
(C). To set motion and play a proactive role in giving direction for quiet social movement/revolution for social- economic, educational, cultural, scientific, technical, financial, ethical prosperity and take spearheaded, initiative to spread the gain or prosperity in the benefit of throughout masses of the world of living creature
(D). To organize, Promote, undertake, sponsor, carryout, all programme for the benefit of the Naturally challenged person, schedule caste, scheduled tribes, people under poverty line, old aged, widow, and downtrodden irrespective of caste, creed, sex, and religions such as:-

In the field of Human Resource Development:-

(A). To establish develop, maintain schools, B.Ed Colleges, Engineering Colleges, Industrial Training Institutes (I.T.I), Medical colleges, Law Colleges, providing home-based work and Internet-based job for an elimination of employment, job placement, and consultancy service, will be provided by the trust, Nursing school computer training institutes, BCA & MCA colleges, colleges, libraries, universities, Laboratories, Skill Development Centres, competition preparation center, Yoga and spiritual centers, sports training centers, vocational training centers, research and other institutions center for the development and advancement of education and diffusion of knowledge among the public generally.
(B). To establish, maintain and run studentship, scholarships and awards programme and render other kinds of aid to students including a supply of study materials, book, stipend, medals and other incentives.
(C). To organize programme for the promotions of pre-primary education, non- formal education, computer & information technologies, leadership development technology, techno-entrepreneurship development, educational infrastructure research and development, socio-scientific research management.
(D). Publish study Materials, Magazine, Books, Information Materials, and journals, produce a film, T.V. serials, documentaries, and audio-video cassettes on burning social, educational and scientific issues

In the field of Human Resource Development:-

(A). To undertake, establish, assist, organize or conduct the programme of research, management and infrastructure development in the field of health and family welfare.
(B). To establish, organize, run or maintain the hospital, nursing home, care and care centers, medical education and research center in state-of-art.
(C). To undertake, organize, establish or run the medical education center, college and research center.
(D). To undertake awareness, prevention, surveillance, screening, management health systems and research programmes on maternal and child survival, communicable disease like Malaria, Hepatitis, Leprosy, Meningitis, HIV/AIDS, STD, T.B., Dengue, Non-communicable diseases like Cancer, Heart Diseases, Respiratory Diseases, Diabetes, Mellitus, and injuries etc. Health insurance, Population control etc.
(E).To establish and run Drug De-addiction center and undertake rehabilitation programme for drug- abuse. Also, organize awareness programme for the control of drug-menace and abuse.

  • In the field of Agriculture and Allied Industries Development

  • In the field of Environment and Forest

  • In the field of Rural Development

  • In the field of Social Justice and Empowerment